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My name is Al Unrath. I started the Athinker brand in 2000 a couple of years after receiving my graduate degree in Instructional Technology. The goal of the company was to apply my philosophy of Analysis-Thinking into everyday actions to help people and organizations reach their potential.

Over my lifetime, I have collected and connected experiences from across a broad spectrum of environments:

  • building solutions for the highway construction industry
  • building solutions for medical tech industry
  • teaching at an elementary school(every second is problem solving)
  • supporting science learning nationwide for Discover Magazine
  • developing news industry training on using Adobe Acrobat to improve workflow
  • teaching multimedia software as part of Workforce Development

While being an instructional designer in higher education, I worked with over 150 subject matter experts across almost every subject area.  This broad experience/knowledge base has helped my corporate clients because I can more quickly build relationships with the organization.


I was born and raised just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My life was filled with many chances to explore and experience.  I started building solutions at a young age: learning to weld by age 10, restoring my first car by age 14, and getting involved with the US Patent process by age 18.  I have designed and developed products many people see and use every day.  As both a car guy and an environmentalist, I have collected and worked on cars dating back to 1916, but my daily driver is either a customized electric-powered CommutaCar, A vegetable oil-powered car, or my electric bike.  My goal in life has always been to expand the lives of others.   To learn more about me, just Google; Albert Unrath Jr.

 Electric commutacar


Please contact me through my Linked In profile.