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Learning/Training Services

For many years, as an Instructional Designer in higher education, and industry, I learned from and collaborated with faculty and subject matter experts across a spectrum of disciplines. My own experience as a faculty member teaching graduate courses in instructional design (ID) and e-learning development has been key in building rapport with subject matter experts.

Instructional Design Services

  • Develop and manage schedules for online course development and delivery for assigned programs
  • Communicate with faculty/SME about expectations and deadlines
  • Develop new courses and update current courses
  • Coordinate with teams associated with learning technologies to support instructional media
  • Design and develop multimedia components
  • Identify strategies for improving processes & procedures
  • Troubleshoot LMS issues
  • Anticipated and created solutions for organizational workflow improvements

Direct Faculty and Client Support

  • Instructional Strategies for face2face, hybrid, and online instruction
  • One-to-one and group training on Planning and Designing
  • Refining expectations of course outcomes based on organizational goals
  • Feedback Loop - In-course / participant-level, learner-level, analysis
  • Training on tools for instruction
  • Editing instructional materials

Course/Program Design and Development Support

  • Coordinate with departments and faculty in defining program and course expectations of course standards/outcomes based on organizational goals
  • Create various types of user support materials including standard operating procedures, qualifications, manuals, adult learning education
  • Develop appropriate training objectives and test methods to design valid instructional materials
  • Design instructionally sound lesson plans incorporating a variety of delivery methods and media
  • Interact with management and subject matter expert to ensure accuracy and instructional content
  • Conduct and lead needs analysis, and evaluate effectiveness of learning solution

Tracking/Time Management

  • Coordinate with all department and course stakeholders to assure course construction and maintenance schedules are being applied according to program goals
  • Ensure that courses are designed with accessibility in mind
  • Evaluate the instructional effectiveness of ID processes
  • Apply standards associated with Quality Matters rubric or other assessment tool
  • Coordinate the development of instructional materials
  • Train faculty on emerging technologies
  • Provide continuous assistance with course readiness and course transfer